Video Surveillance Systems for Daycare Centers

In today's fast-paced world of technology, many parents want live surveillance video access to their children while they attend daycare. Never Miss A Second is an organization dedicated to spreading awareness and providing resources for both parents and daycare owners to gain access and information regarding daycare video surveillance technology. Thanks to some of our generous donators, our organization is now able to give away more and more video surveillance cameras to certain daycare centers in the United Sates and Canada that meet regulation requirements.

The surveillance systems that we endorse are designed for public institutions, including early learning centers. Video surveillance systems offer parents that are concerned about the safety and whereabouts of their children while at daycares a peace of mind. They also provide a safer work environment for daycare employees. We focus our efforts on raising awareness for this technology and offering informational resources. Our organization is dedicated to increasing the safety of children while outside of their parents' immediate control. We believe there is no excuse for a daycare center not providing video surveillance access to parents interested in monitoring their child.

With video surveillance system technology, parents have the ability to securely login and access the live video stream of the classroom their child is in. This allows parents to conveniently monitor and check up on their children from any computer or mobile device. Not only is this surveillance system beneficial for the children's safety and parents comfort, but the daycare centers that choose to provide surveillance will likely increase enrollment rates and business growth.

Federal laws regulate video surveillance in businesses and organizations, including daycare centers. The laws with respect to video surveillance vary slightly form State to State and Province to Province, however the general provisions regarding the usage remains concordant amongst all jurisdictions.

The purpose of video surveillance systems in daycare centers is to provide a platform for parents to use technology to monitor and check in on their children while they cannot be in their presence. This technology, however does not act as a substitute for daycare supervision. Children must still be under full supervision by the caregivers at all times with the use of surveillance. State (US) and Provincial (Canada) laws regarding the ratio of children to supervisors still apply.

Once the video surveillance systems are installed, all parties including the daycare employees, attendants and parents must be informed about the both cameras' intended use and the location of each camera installed. Daycare video surveillance systems are only permitted to be installed in certain locations of the building. These locations include the common areas such as hallways and play areas. Cameras are not permitted to be installed in bathrooms or changing areas. The use of video surveillance systems in daycares are regulated by governing bodies in each Province and State. All public and private daycare centers that choose to use surveillance technology must give government inspectors and regulators access to all of the video surveillance equipment.

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