Parents Seeking Video Surveillance for their Children

By using a network or internet connection, many parents are now able to see a live feed of their daycare center from a remote location. The vast majority of parents can relate to that feeling of peace of mind knowing that their child is safe. Work can often be a stressful environment, and many parents are required to work long hours instead of caring for their children at home in order to generate a sufficient income. Periodically checking in on your children at daycare can not only bring you a peace of mind, but it can bring joy and happiness into your day seeing them playing happily.

The reality is that we do not live in a perfect world free of crime and the horrifying events that occasionally take place at daycares. This organization was created to promote child safety within daycare businesses, and mitigate the risk of crime or other accidental incidents that can take place. Installing a video surveillance systems at a daycares effectively mitigates the risk of break-ins, child abductions, sexual assaults and child molestations. Video surveillance systems also reduce and mitigate the amount of harmful occurrences that are accidental such as child or caregiver injuries and children wandering outside of the supervised area. We encourage parents to spread awareness of the immense advantages of surveillance systems to daycare business owners in hopes of creating safer environments for our kids.